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The Purpose of Poetry

In case I didn’t post a few of my poems in the works or finished for National Poetry Month, I thought this article would be an intriguing entry to read. I do hope however that I will post a few more poems I’ve written (or come across that I enjoyed)

JFK on the Purpose of Poetry

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100 Common Publishing Terms

Common Publishing Terms from writer’s Digest

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Old time swears you’ll want to bring back

I came across this in one of my “word of the Day’ mails  from Word genius.

I knew of Quim (sadly it was the original name for my (Entertainment blog’s awards Like the razzies)  and once I found out what it was… I tried to find a new name I thought it was a bit too harsh. (its another word but maybe worse for the 4 letter ‘C’ word. (trying to stay at least PG here)

LOL I remember ‘Consarn it’ from Looney Toons as Yosemite Sam would day that

Arfarfan’arf  made me laugh… sounded like something Pinky from Pinky & the Brain would say (Animaniacs)

Fustilarian I need to start using.

and Muckspout… (yeah bad language or dirty mind….

10 Old time swear words you’ll want to bring back

know of any others from Grandparents?

And even better than that… try some Shakespearean insults (or my own version to which you use 3 words all with the same first letter for instance

Abstract Asinine artifact.  (someone was annoying the hell out of me online, and that popped into my head and they were cracking up and asked if they could call their friend that. I was a bit flattered. (Now if only I could go back in time and give that to those who bullied and gave me problems in the past.)

MAKE YOUR OWN  I came up with that on my own but depending on some words you might want to use a thesaurus

Shakespeare Insults: Top 50 Shakespearean Insults & Put Downsere

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Sonnets, stanzas and Quatrains

See the source image

See the source image

A side note on Quatrains

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

See the source image

Should you write a sonnet?


See the source image

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Koi A6 binder style locking journal/planner

Koi A6 binder style locking journal/planner


Inside pockets for all the ‘C’s…cash, coupons,credit & business cards. Plus ‘folder’ in back 


The  end of last year I started to look for a journal that had a combination lock on. The journal I which I currently have my passwords, ideas and other assorted items in looks

 more like for a little girl or teenager. That part I don’t so much mind, but its having to unlock it (getting the key out) everytime I need it for a password or (after checking said password…)forget if something is a capital, lowercase number or a special character. 

This is Handsome Koi design was my favorite cover. It was a nice mature look for my age (should I carry it anywhere) I do like bright colors but you will see why I needed to get a new one in the video. I also liked this Koi one as it was a binder. I could easily add and remove pages. I do have this Emily The Strange “dis-organizer’  the binder style but no lock of any sort, also its definitely Teen Oriented (I could also always use it as an archive or just gift it to a friend, as its in perfect condition. sadly, the themed refills for it are now out of print) 

In the video (and maybe even in the video description on youtube, I may have mentioned I plan to buy the Address tabs and inserts to use for the passwords.  Right now, that’s all I have my mind on organizing so far until I can find the odds and ends I need  for the organizer. I’m trying to go slow on organizing the Koi journal/planner, as I think when I obsess over organizing something, I end up getting tired of it fast and burn out and lose interest. (Like my journal from last year which parts are sort of a  bullet journal) Trying to keep reminders for certain things or when I did them. Ideas and so on I think I eventually got annoyed with it. 

I’ll see if I use the Koi journal as a planner next year, I think I’ll only need the months in it. as I usually only note appointments, and when I find out the dates of the movies I want to see in the theater. I could always note anything else on regular refill paper. 

Here’s a video I took as I didn’t think Pictures were enough, and in a video thing are a bit quicker to explain. Hope you enjoy 

Take  a look at the video. (sorry but you might have to turn up the volume)


If you are interest, You can buy the journal here on Amazon

As for the inserts for address, Business cards and so on.. I might take a look at what they cost in Staples before I get them elsewhere this way I can be sure they are the right size. 

As for anything I may have forgot to mention I may add to this as I set it up. 


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Have you heard of  Evernote?  

I heard about it through a blog and love it

Its a great way to take your files with you.  As long as you can access your app or the website you can access your files, no need to carry a thumb drive.(Though I still keep my photos on one) Another good thing is You can share the file easily if need be for work or even a story you are working on with a friend. Send your Novel to your editor etc. A great idea for an office ‘network’  or even a teacher to use to organize their classes

You make notebooks so that all of your different writing, school or work projects are well organized. For instance if you are writing a novel (or more) you can keep them organized same for daily organizing notes. For instance…

I have a few notebooks 2 or 3 separate ones for the the stories I had started + notes notes, I also have a notebook for Templates I made.

add NEW NOTE for a new homework assignment for Science class another for math. As long as someone else has their own account, they can open the file you send them.

I’ve seen many use the site to make (and share) templates they made to sell, and even their  own personal templates for their bullet journals.

Some of my notebooks/files (aside from the book ideas)  has assorted files in it, one of which is a list of book I am looking for. Another file is a TV guide type grid to keep track of what I watch especially in case I am away and need a reminder, have multiple shows I like and are all on one night and some even at same time.    Another thing I have is some of the catalog information for one of my hobbies of making address labels and stationery among other things. I might even have some of the crafts I’ve made as well.

So why not make 2020 your year or organization?

Hopefully that will be my gift to you and hope you have a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

How To Use Evernote To Become Massively Productive

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Writer’s Reference

Title: Writier’s Reference

Author: Diana Hack

I came across my copy of the reference guide (I think it’s the 5th edition) in a Good Will Thrift Store. It doesn’t matter if you are a student, author, or just need it for business purposes it should be on a shelf or desk in every home.
I noticed while looking after my Aunt’s house, they had a copy as well (only I think a bit older than mine)

While looking for my version of the book, I noticed there was a 6th or was it the 7th edition that had exercises you could do in it (to me that would be a plus to practice writing as well as handwriting)

On each divider is a contents page of what the section covers. It’s quite easy to find what you need with one hand so
Read the rest of this entry »

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WHY English is so hard to Learn

I’m not sure why anyone would desert their tasty dessert in the desert.. but you get the point.

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Painting lovely gray turning sweet depression! — Something more than nothing

Please welcome our guest writer, Ravindra Nayak. I hope you will all enjoy her post.

In the eyes the heaviness crumble Into the direction of darkness Light is vanishing Colourful painting is turning black and white Taking breathe is difficult No oxygen cylinder has power to give new hopes Eye’s drying Mind is fainting Suddenly the black n white painting Gets some color, filled the heart Like a wine red […]

REB LOOGED from  Painting lovely gray turning sweet depression! — Something more than nothing

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