The Art of Following a Blog

19 Oct
The Art of Following a Blog

Honestly I wondered about this myself. I can be a bit bad sometimes with keeping up with checking on friends on facebook, and keep up with reading blogs I sub to. I do however get to it if not daily then weekly check out the posts and see what posts are most of interest like nail art I’d try to do, writing tips and prompts and anything else I am into to like or ‘re-blog’ to the specific blog (if I have one) for it, otherwise it goes on my blog in a post or one of the pages I have made there. So now we both know.

The Daily Post

Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, your blog: pitch a tent anywhere on the web, and the expectation is that people will quickly line up to give you a (virtual) high five in the form of a “follow.” I see it often enough in our own Community Pool posts here at The Daily Post: “Follow me and I’ll follow you back!”

It’s pretty clear what the followed blogger’s supposed to do: keep posting stuff that others enjoy reading. Be a gracious host. Ensure posts are readable. But what about the follower? Is there a job description for what happens after you click on a blog’s “Follow” button (or Follow Blog Widget)? Here’s some food for thought.

Don’t expect instant reciprocity

You shouldn’t take the plunge if you don’t want to read new content from the person whose blog you just followed.

When you follow a blog you’re making a light…

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