10 Online Tools for Creative Writers

11 Feb
10 Online Tools for Creative Writers


By Robert Morris

If you are a writer, all you’re supposed to do is sit down, open a plain word processor and write. Wrong! Other people think that a writer only needs to be creative and commit to a daily working schedule, but you know it’s never that easy. You need to get through writer’s blocks, find supporting facts from areas you don’t understand, edit the content to perfection, attract clients and readers, manage your finances and cover many other aspects associated to your job.

In fewer words, you need to find the right tools that will help you work more effectively. There is no need to test dozens of online apps to get to the best ones; the following list of top 10 tools for writers will save your time.


Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 1.58.40 PM

This is not a writing tool per se, but it’s effective for all bloggers and writers who base…

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