Writing openings

04 Mar


YA Fan Page Freebie for you. Opening and Closing ideas for writing.eah so it looks like its for little kids; that doesn’t mean you can’t use the same ideas to jog whatever it is you are trying to find an opening for!

I know there have been times I would have loved a few different suggestions when I actually had to write book reports and stuff that was at least forced to write, and sometimes i even need it for what I want to  start.

having the idea of what you want to write (that bit of story) doesn’t always help. That’s an idea unless it can actually be used as the first paragraph or page of the story you are writing. There are certain instances where you can use a few of these at once to open for instance: open Dialogue between characters with a joke (like a bar or party setting), Open with a sound & Bold statement.fact great for a mystery story. A memoir/autobiography Opening with a Personal experience and how you felt in that moment.

Here’s an exercise: Use 2 or more of these for the start of a story (it doesn’t have to be what you are working on  it’s just to help you get those writing juices flowing. )  It could be (if you can) In one sentence or a paragraph. I’d love to see what you come up with and I will post the ones I like best here.



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