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29 Jul

Thanks to Frank B from my Facebook friends who posted the following link and gave me an idea for a post! see some famous-writers-retreats here

I was trying to think of what mine would be. My usual places to write are my room, and if no one is home the living room. Although if I get an idea while out I carry a small notebook with me everywhere, so I can write down notes.

I think one retreat would have to be a cemetery as one of my current stories I am working on has a character that is a caretaker and lives in the cemetery (not to mention is also a writer see Ghost Writer in the menu above ).  Another I think would have to be  if I were to go to Romania (ahem Transylvania), and another Hawaii. I did think of a title for a comic strip.. no I’m not mentioning it here as sadly I can’t draw well enough to make a comic, but Australia would definitely be somewhere to go for  writing (or if I could, drawing) that. I’d also like to travel to  parts of the Czech Republic, England and Ireland (even Scotland maybe)

I also just though about a favorite spot I go to in a nearby park which is not only an inspiration for taking photos, but would be great to just hang out at for a day… though I would have to spray some stinky bug repellent on me. Might also be fun if any bugs do come along as I have one of those SE Battery Operated Tennis Racket Shaped Bug Zapper like the one in the link. A family friend had one and I loved it, so they got one for me. I used to use paper plates rolled up.. its funny when you see them fly back looking drunk but this, will teach them a lesson as it will zap them.

Right now I am at my Aunt’s house feeding the cats and hanging out on vacation so to speak. I may staycation but at least I don’t have to stay at my ‘house to do so!

Now my aunt’s house I always saw as the perfect house. It has a basement, attic which you can get to through my cousin Kevin’s old room. (Which I wish I could buy the house from them as I’d love to make the bedroom & attic my own sleeping/’office’ area. Thre’s the 3 bedrooms with the full bathroom on the top floor and there’s an area in the hallway  up there that they have a desk and 2 Floor to celling bookcases! Which I’m sure I could fit all my books from the 2 I have on them & maybe get the ‘too-read’ ones in bas & boxes in the other!  The desk upstairs is perfect to set up a typewriter or even your laptop (or if you are like me Binder and write away) They even have a little porch in the front which I like to sit on and have breakfast or lunch, which is a nice area to write or read. Downstairs is the usual half bath (just sink & toilet), Dinning room, a good sized living room and Kitchen.

So they have nice quaint areas to write. If only it weren’t summer I might try to find a way to sit up in the attic and write, just one problem, where the window is, there’s a closet on either side and can’t fit a desk (unless you steal a school oibne there, but then you’d have to put wheels on it to movie it if you want to get in a closet. There’s also little storage spaces (crawlspaces?) there as well. Heck if I could buy it I swear I’d use that as my room and see if I could rent out for those on vacation, or just need to get away from the house for a night or so (esp. if there was an emergency at the house)


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