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01 Jun

The summer travel time is here.. weekend trips and week (or longer) vacations. Why not get yourself a journal Big or small to write about what you did, places of interest as well as favorite places, restaurants, r& food to just name a few things. You can glue receipts in (or just the logo or address from it so you can recommend it to a friend or family member going to the area.)

I suggest this brand for a reason, it’s well made, durable and it has a pocket in the back, as well as it comes in a variety of sizes and colors as well as Themes! I came across this travel one somewhere (and shows quite a few images of the inside of the book).  I know I saw a bunch when I was in Barnes & Nobles book store and even got these 2 palm sized ones, or those that would know cassette tape size and will fit anywhere!  (great to include in a travel writing kit, which you can find ideas in the pages on journaling in the menu)

I love Moleskine books (most call notebooks) but I call them journals (Notebooks are for school and work but if you are using it for both work and personal then to me its a journal.

my Mini Moles Moleskine journals the size of an audio cassette

my Mini Moles ~  Moleskine journals the size of an audio cassette

I’ve looked at Moleskin hacks as I had given myself (cause no one ever gets me something I need) a Moleskine pocket journal planner. Each day has its own page and I plan to note what is planned for the day as well as Blog posts I have scheduled, reminders and so on. I have used a regular journal for my movie reviews for the year and the occasional  entry about my day,and so on.

I have a couple of these that are small enough they are about the size (or a little smaller than)  the palm of my hand. Upon prepping to take the photo I looked for something to compare the size to, and for those of you that do not know what that is under my ‘mini moles’ it’s called a cassette tape!!

includes a pocket in the back and includes a serial number sticker

includes a pocket in the back and includes a serial number sticker

So what to use the pocket for? papers, coupons mementos depending on what your u8GB Metal Key USB 2.0 Flash Drive Blackse of the journal is.  If it’s going to be a daily than you can put movie, theater etc tickets in the pocket, wallet size photos (like from those old photo booths) and you can keep your work, school & personal (creative?) computer files at hand wherever you go with this
Key looking thumb drive (via amazon)

8GB Metal Key USB 2.0 Flash Drive Black


Just in case you’d want your own pocket size planner

Here’s some links via Amazon
Moleskine 2016 Daily Planner, 12M, Extra Small, Black, Hard Cover (2.5 x 4) and  I know ordering a 2016 one now would be a waste of money,

so here’s a search for 2017 Moleskine Planners

and the normal size

Moleskine 2016 Daily Planner, 12M, Large, Black, Soft Cover (5 x 8.25)

and you can find a variety of sizes, types & covers of Moleskine here & ‘mini sizes here

Here are a few Moleskine hacks

5 ways to kick your moleskine up a notch

Wallet self defense!!! Here’s a hack to use it as a wallet as well!

18 things to do with any Moleskine notebook

6 hacks for your Molskeine I’m definitely making the writing tool artillery. as for making tabs… I prefer to use washi tape (or make my own) or the duct tape with a design

CPO method of Moleskine Organization  one user’s system

100 Amazing ways to hack your Moleskeine notebook

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