Journaling – color coding idea

15 Jun

I use colored pens in my journal and especially planner. They are used for a variety of things.

One example is for appointments, I use purple for more mine and red for mom and green for my dad. I do the same with my blog posts. I use pink for my beauty blog, purple for craft one, a bright light blue color for this blog and black (grey or silver) ink for my entertainment blog. Use different Inks for addresses for your friends Their favorite color, or just use one color for one group that hangs out together and another color for others.. maybe a one color for family (or 2 one for moms side and one for dad’s side…

I also use small page flags, if I want to find certain pages quicker, dividers, and even washi tape (that decorative paper tape)

If you are using a journal for everything… Quotes could  be light blue, daily entries in regular blue or black ink,  creative writing purple, recipes in green etc. Or if the journal  is for one topic color code subtopics…say for recipes…desserts in red, side dishes/veggies in green. orange for entrees etc. and anything grilled in brown or black basically it’s to be creative and to organize so you can find what you are looking for quicker.

I have a nice new big journal to write in, i was thinking of making it a common place book quotes and everything else like fave go to recipes and so on, now I have a mini journal I write quotes in, but I can take those and write one on each page or every few pages. Also poems, short stories,  and anything else I come up with.

And either on this blog or my writing or Journal Pintrest boards you can find other color coding ideas, one person not only did their school notes & work, but made it an art form!

Journaling & smashbooks Pintrest board        Writing Pintrest board how-to-color-code-your-bullet-journal

Journaling & smashbooks Pintrest board        Writing Pintrest board

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