Where do Ideas come from?

20 Jul

My ideas come from a variety of things. Sometimes they just pop into my head; other times I may be reading an article and want to put in my two cents, this is where I usually scan the article and include responses (this has been done in my Entertainment blog Multi screen Mo_T_Vision (can be found in sidebar or about page) same with rants. I may be annoyed with something (say the new Ghostbusters movie) they are saying its mostly guys but any fan of the original movie should have a problem with this new one. Ok you have all women and aside from Melissa McCarthy who the hell are they? The trailers are not funny then they had to go get Chris Hemsworth just so they could actually get the women to go see it. (won’t work with me no matter how much I love my Aussie Thor…) I’ll be waiting for video or cable! It won’t have the magic of the originals. I’ve gotten ideas for writing a poem from books I’ve read and with all the Zombie stuff and survival kicks I went looking for a book that would be like a diary (at least)  of the zombie apocalypse  haven’t found one yet so I came up with the idea for a diary/historal  account  recorded of it  maybe sort of with a how to guide all in one… book.

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