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I love writing and reading and am currently writing 'everywhere' as I was a lensmaster on for about 3-4 years. Sadly the site Has closed. (In my point of view, it's their own fault, they kept making too many changes and it was fine before they started that) You can now check those pages out on (though some can be found throughout my blogs) I've started writing on bubble news and you can find my main Blog on blogger (see the websites below) I love Horror movies as well as thrillers, mysteries, action with some sci-fi thrown in, same goes for what I like to read as well as my favorite tv shows. I have over 100 poems written, 3 that I know of have received Editors' Choice awards. I enjoy making jewelry, which so far has mostly been bracelets & earrings. I enjoy making them as gifts or if someone wants to commission me to make something. As previously mentioned you can find some of those previous Squidoo pages in my blogs, Well I have made a full Blog out of my Beauty Balm page Zi's Beauty Balm. It was just way too much information for one page. So being as they cut down, I decided I'd copy that info to the pages of the blog.

Copywriting cheatsheet

Copywriting Cheatsheet Infographic: How to Write for Email, Social & The Web


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Essay proofreading checklist


Proofreading Checklist for Formal Essays.


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Blogging Advice 001

Blogging Advice 001


DISCLAIMER: I am in no way shape or form a professional blogger. I am not Zoella, Niomi Smart or Tanya Burr. (Although, being as great as they are at blogging would be amazing.)

So glad I got that disclaimer out of the way. I don’t consider myself a professional blogger or an expert what so ever. I’ve been blogging on this site for a little over a year so I’ve picked up a thing or two but an expert I certainly am not. Although, I am not at the top of the food chain when it comes to blogging, for some reason I have had bloggers ask me for blogging tips and advice. Again, advice from me?! I’m a no body in this blogging world. Nonetheless, I’ve complied some advice to share with you all.

Numbers Shnumbers:

I’m sure you’ve heard that time and time again (probably a…

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dIdea v1.1

dIdea v1.1
dIdea V1.1 By ©Kim Marie Ostrowski

dIdea V1.1 By ©Kim Marie Ostrowski

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Book lovers décor suggestions

Well it’s that time of year to start the spring cleaning. I hope you haven’t already as I have some organizer and decor ideas for you.

Though I hope if you have a love of books would not destroy them in such a way, especially those that are not old looking books they could be worth money! I can understand old school books for the hideaways or purse or maybe someone gave you a copy of a book you already have. I can understand if you want to do it with the extra but I would rather donate mine to a school, or someone that cannot afford books and has a hard time getting around (to a library)


I Iike the  color grouping and giant wall clock! I would use all the janet Evanovich books! That Scrabble letter holder idea, you could also do that with scraps of a type of moulding as that’s what those are. The storage bins ad omg the lamp of large thread bobbins but how the heck did they get them in the wall? and ceiling that I really like!  My favorite though has to be the stairs. I wish ours were like that or even ones that opened for storage.

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Transition words

First we examine what transition words are, the words that push your story forward. Next we examine how they are used. Honestly if you didn’t already noticed, I used two transition words in these sentences! Add information ‘for instance, when you show an example, or “below” you will find a list of these type of words and the categories they fall under.

They keep order, of First and last, but let’s hope we don’t get into a Who’s on 1st discussion.  They compare things and not ‘in the same way’ metaphors  or similes do. Emphasize your point “which in fact”, make you see the big fat period at the end of the argument “like” the old talk to the hand gesture.  So

here’s the list of the words to use to transition print it,laminate it and refer to it if you are stuck

Now how to use them is up to you.

Transition Words

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30 Cover Letter Rules You Didn’t Even Know You Were Breaking

I know for some of you, you may be thinking of finding a new job this year or have to get a new one due to layoffs. Now I wish I came across this when I was laid off, as unemployment give you some packet but doesn’t explain this sort of stuff. (I’d have to see if I can find it but I should scan it & post for you.

Those of us who had had a job from 1999  (when some people would walk to businesses to fill out applications and so the manager or owner would see you when they handed it to you)   I’d rather a person remember me for me not a piece of paper.

So here’s some help with cover letters (honestly there should be a free class in each neighborhood for this stuff.)

anyway I hope you can use this as I came across it I thought of you my subscribers.  and OUCH no longer mention you can provide references, so don’t include them on resumes or your cover letter. Here’s some tips

30 Cover Letter Rules You Didn’t Even Know You Were Breaking

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