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Book lovers décor suggestions

Well it’s that time of year to start the spring cleaning. I hope you haven’t already as I have some organizer and decor ideas for you.

Though I hope if you have a love of books would not destroy them in such a way, especially those that are not old looking books they could be worth money! I can understand old school books for the hideaways or purse or maybe someone gave you a copy of a book you already have. I can understand if you want to do it with the extra but I would rather donate mine to a school, or someone that cannot afford books and has a hard time getting around (to a library)


I Iike the  color grouping and giant wall clock! I would use all the janet Evanovich books! That Scrabble letter holder idea, you could also do that with scraps of a type of moulding as that’s what those are. The storage bins ad omg the lamp of large thread bobbins but how the heck did they get them in the wall? and ceiling that I really like!  My favorite though has to be the stairs. I wish ours were like that or even ones that opened for storage.

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Blogging help

Thought these would be helpful, they were in an email from bloglovin and thought they’d help us all!

For my blogs I have one of those arc notebooks from Staples that I hope to keep everything organized. So far for my Entertainment blog, I thought of a signature series at least to test out starting next year. These I call classic cuts, and can be one movie like the Goonies or an entire franchise like Nightmare on Elm Street.

I hope at some point I will think of signature series for my other blogs as well so far this one has been the journaling stuff but I also have the pages for that.I try to get my readers to provide feedback but even though  they are the readers, they do not provide what they want to see or any ideas they would like me to do for any of the blogs (Instead of just reviews for the entertainment one, with the occasional article, or even how often they would pref. posts.

So far in the notebook I list what WordPress ‘themes’ work best for each of the blogs. As well as note the schedule, like This writing one is always definitely at least once a week on (writing) Wednesdays  (or at least I try I may post another day if I missed Wednesday though and have something to post.)  There are certain days I post certain types of posts for instance, My Entertainment blog Tuesdays is for Tv show reviews, Thursdays is for Theater (be it Movie or stage) and unless someone wants to write reviews for me likely I won’t have stage reviews. Thursdays on my beauty blog is usually ‘salon’ day which usually has something to do with hair or nails. For my craft blog I tuesdays is posts on how to upcycle items, Wednsday is Wire (or jewelry day) and Thursday or Friday I post a weekend project. I do my best to keep track of everything but sometimes I get behind and a blog or 2 may get neglected and one reason i thought it would be a good idea to start using something to organize my blogs.

Multi screen Mo t Vision qrcode design
Milti Screen QR CodeI don’t really pay much attention to SEO and all that stuff, this is more a hobby for me and I do try to avoid anything that could get me frustrated (as I get anxiety attacks from that) and honestly I do try my best to grow my blogs in audience but I see it as if my writing and posts are interesting enough, they will be shared and so on and therefore speaks for itself. I do try though with making some business cards off the computer even those QR codes like this one
on the left. Though I would prefer one that has an image to show what the site is all about there’s a free variation on this one  They have some of their own images you can use Free I did one myself

I’ll likely make image ones now that I found a way to do them free, (though if I read right, you only get it up to 500 clicks)  and 3 image codes

I’d say maybe once a year make new QR codes if you are using a free service  (for picture ones) and if you don’t use image ones, always be sure to include the name of what the code is for. (I’ll have to add Entertainment blog underneath that left image on Paint shop pro….


How I Organize And Plan Blog Posts by Melyssa Griffin

Behind The Blog: Finding Balance by Sazan

How To Plan Your Blog Content by Wonderfelle

Free Blogging Apps You Gotta Have by Jade + Oak

A Stress-Free Social Media Strategy to Grow Your Brand by Devan Danielle  (Print or bookmark)  I’m printing it out in booklet for and adding it to the notebook

How To Balance Your Day Job And Your Passion Project by a pair + a spare

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Upgrade your blog & make it popular


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Rain Reveals poetry on the sidewalks of Boston

I saw this headline, and thought This is a great Idea. It doesn’t have to be poetry, but maybe a quote and can bring out the sun on a rainy day, or even jsut a day when you feel like that black is just hanging over you.

It’s a nice idea for rainy days to break up the monotony of your commute, and for those sunny days, well an excuse to carry a bigger water bottle for ‘treasure hunting’ besides you’ll be hydrating yourself, and as for the sidewalks just spray the pavement once or twice to see if there’s a surprise.

(and I want some of that ‘paint’ I could that on my handmade gifts)  and why not do this at the beach too on the board walks, (would it work on wood?) or at least the pavement in the amusement parks, maybe use it for a scavenger hunt!!

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Moleskeine Hacks

The summer travel time is here.. weekend trips and week (or longer) vacations. Why not get yourself a journal Big or small to write about what you did, places of interest as well as favorite places, restaurants, r& food to just name a few things. You can glue receipts in (or just the logo or address from it so you can recommend it to a friend or family member going to the area.)

I suggest this brand for a reason, it’s well made, durable and it has a pocket in the back, as well as it comes in a variety of sizes and colors as well as Themes! I came across this travel one somewhere (and shows quite a few images of the inside of the book).  I know I saw a bunch when I was in Barnes & Nobles book store and even got these 2 palm sized ones, or those that would know cassette tape size and will fit anywhere!  (great to include in a travel writing kit, which you can find ideas in the pages on journaling in the menu)

I love Moleskine books (most call notebooks) but I call them journals (Notebooks are for school and work but if you are using it for both work and personal then to me its a journal.

my Mini Moles Moleskine journals the size of an audio cassette

my Mini Moles ~  Moleskine journals the size of an audio cassette

I’ve looked at Moleskin hacks as I had given myself (cause no one ever gets me something I need) a Moleskine pocket journal planner. Each day has its own page and I plan to note what is planned for the day as well as Blog posts I have scheduled, reminders and so on. I have used a regular journal for my movie reviews for the year and the occasional  entry about my day,and so on.

I have a couple of these that are small enough they are about the size (or a little smaller than)  the palm of my hand. Upon prepping to take the photo I looked for something to compare the size to, and for those of you that do not know what that is under my ‘mini moles’ it’s called a cassette tape!!

includes a pocket in the back and includes a serial number sticker

includes a pocket in the back and includes a serial number sticker

So what to use the pocket for? papers, coupons mementos depending on what your u8GB Metal Key USB 2.0 Flash Drive Blackse of the journal is.  If it’s going to be a daily than you can put movie, theater etc tickets in the pocket, wallet size photos (like from those old photo booths) and you can keep your work, school & personal (creative?) computer files at hand wherever you go with this
Key looking thumb drive (via amazon)

8GB Metal Key USB 2.0 Flash Drive Black


Just in case you’d want your own pocket size planner

Here’s some links via Amazon
Moleskine 2016 Daily Planner, 12M, Extra Small, Black, Hard Cover (2.5 x 4) and  I know ordering a 2016 one now would be a waste of money,

so here’s a search for 2017 Moleskine Planners

and the normal size

Moleskine 2016 Daily Planner, 12M, Large, Black, Soft Cover (5 x 8.25)

and you can find a variety of sizes, types & covers of Moleskine here & ‘mini sizes here

Here are a few Moleskine hacks

5 ways to kick your moleskine up a notch

Wallet self defense!!! Here’s a hack to use it as a wallet as well!

18 things to do with any Moleskine notebook

6 hacks for your Molskeine I’m definitely making the writing tool artillery. as for making tabs… I prefer to use washi tape (or make my own) or the duct tape with a design

CPO method of Moleskine Organization  one user’s system

100 Amazing ways to hack your Moleskeine notebook

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The following is a list from the Hubpage for Social-Sites-that-Pay where you can read more about the sites

Min Payout
Confirmed Payouts
$50 – Paypal
Undisclosed/ Low
$5 Paypal . Amazon Gift Card
$5 (variable)
$100 (Adsense)
Adsense + affiliates – variable
$15 Paypal (5,000 points)
$20 – Paypal
$1.50 and $3
$25 – Visa Card
$0.60 Rising with engagement
$20 Paypal, Payoneer
$10 and $20
50/50 Ad Revenue share
Yes (Partial advance payments)

and     Four-Types-of-Writing

Narrative, Descriptive, Expository and  persuasive


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Content tips for beginners

Here are four of the best infographics which visualize tips on overcoming writer's block.

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