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How to build a content calendar

I don’t really use a content calendar unless you want to count just making a note of what I am publishing on what day in my daily planner.

Also being as I have more than one blog, I think it might be a bit hard to do that. There’s 2 blogs I try to be sure I post something at least once a week (like this one on Writing Wednesdays, as well as something on my beauty blog. My Craft blog I post when I have finished a project, or when I find something I think my readers will be interested in (or I want to try at some point).



also don’t forget to checkout my Pintrest boards @KymoDragon  (the link is on my about page)

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52 Week Writing Challenge

Here’s an idea for us busy bodies who can never seem to get our writing in!

Instead of trying to get so much time in a day, do a little each day for a week. Write short stories, even if its only 1 page front and back, write for 5 minutes, poems whatever you think of. Don’t forget to shut the world out, especially out of mind. Make a character sketch for someone you see during lunch at work, or outside in the park.




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How did they say it?

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Writing checklist ‘ditto’

12 useful words for proofreading and editing writing (with word bank)


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Proof reading vs editing's infographic about the difference between editing and proofreading.


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25 Editing tips


In Honor of NANOWRIMO I thought it might be a great Idea to publish  some editing and proofreading posts You can print out this checklist as well as search for any previous posts on the topic

Editing checklist


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13 Frights of Halloween




In honor of Today being the start of 13 Frights of Halloween I thought of the idea to write a poem OR story Halloween or horror related.


I thought maybe a few word and forms of prompts would help,  as well A few samples of my own previous work is noted.

Halloween, Horror, Movies, Songs (like the Monster Mash or Werewolf of London)  maybe someone could write what the song lyrics would be to the Transylvania twist (& no parodies) Movie Monsters, halloween Symbols, Horror Subgenres, what frightens you.

Once you have your poem finished, please post the link to it in the comments (or just copy & paste it into the comments for quicker credit)


Jeepers Creepers Halloween Calls

©Kim Marie Ostrowsk


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