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52 Week Writing Challenge

Here’s an idea for us busy bodies who can never seem to get our writing in!

Instead of trying to get so much time in a day, do a little each day for a week. Write short stories, even if its only 1 page front and back, write for 5 minutes, poems whatever you think of. Don’t forget to shut the world out, especially out of mind. Make a character sketch for someone you see during lunch at work, or outside in the park.




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Journaling – color coding idea

I use colored pens in my journal and especially planner. They are used for a variety of things.

One example is for appointments, I use purple for more mine and red for mom and green for my dad. I do the same with my blog posts. I use pink for my beauty blog, purple for craft one, a bright light blue color for this blog and black (grey or silver) ink for my entertainment blog. Use different Inks for addresses for your friends Their favorite color, or just use one color for one group that hangs out together and another color for others.. maybe a one color for family (or 2 one for moms side and one for dad’s side…

I also use small page flags, if I want to find certain pages quicker, dividers, and even washi tape (that decorative paper tape)

If you are using a journal for everything… Quotes could  be light blue, daily entries in regular blue or black ink,  creative writing purple, recipes in green etc. Or if the journal  is for one topic color code subtopics…say for recipes…desserts in red, side dishes/veggies in green. orange for entrees etc. and anything grilled in brown or black basically it’s to be creative and to organize so you can find what you are looking for quicker.

I have a nice new big journal to write in, i was thinking of making it a common place book quotes and everything else like fave go to recipes and so on, now I have a mini journal I write quotes in, but I can take those and write one on each page or every few pages. Also poems, short stories,  and anything else I come up with.

And either on this blog or my writing or Journal Pintrest boards you can find other color coding ideas, one person not only did their school notes & work, but made it an art form!

Journaling & smashbooks Pintrest board        Writing Pintrest board how-to-color-code-your-bullet-journal

Journaling & smashbooks Pintrest board        Writing Pintrest board

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The Five Minute Journal

Want to start a journal but not sure what to do with it?  You can check more out in my “How to use a journal’ pages (so far 2  pages on journals are posted) of all the different themes there are, as well as ideas and more.

You can have one general journal to keep all your thoughts, stories, Life moments, Poems, Movie,tv, book product reviews even recipes.   Try finding a pocket sized one for the year or those moleskine type ones. (Something the thicker the better so you can hopefully just have one or 2 a year. I’ve  tried this out Moleskine 2016 Daily Planner, 12M, Extra Small, Black, Hard Cover (2.5 x 4)

Or you can do them by theme, or if you still have no idea or need some help what to write, there are journals that come with ideas for topics for that day called prompts. There are others of the sort that are for lists.

What is a journal? It can be anything you want! it can be a personal diary that you tell everything to, it can be work on a project, note for or the story itself. Poems or you can just make a doodle sketch one out of a journal. Mine is across between a journal & a smash book! If you are having a problem at work or school with someone.. write it all down. Keep it with you or in your locker. You can even have a friend(witnesses) write their side of the story in it as well. Keep track of your pain & how you manage it, also track your diet & fitness there are some Ideas on my Beauty blog . There are Sentence a day journals, or a short paragraph to sum up whatever you want.  Use different colors for different topics, entertainment etc.

Find a style that suits you… I personally Recommend the Moleskin Brand but there are plenty I love on Amazon (You can find them in the pages on Journaling in the menu)


Here’s the Travel Theme journal mentioned in Last Weeks post

Here’s a beach theme (a good idea for just writing up what beaches you traveled to what you did or not like about them,even if you are going to write a short story, or a small novel with a beach theme they will inspire you.

This Roadtrip Journal will inspire you with it’s template also journaling is great when its a rainy day on your Vacation or roadtrip and if you would prefer a spiral bound one

Know someone going to Summer camp? This is a cute journal (for the girls at least)  Or This eco friendly one could be used for anyone





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Moleskeine Hacks

The summer travel time is here.. weekend trips and week (or longer) vacations. Why not get yourself a journal Big or small to write about what you did, places of interest as well as favorite places, restaurants, r& food to just name a few things. You can glue receipts in (or just the logo or address from it so you can recommend it to a friend or family member going to the area.)

I suggest this brand for a reason, it’s well made, durable and it has a pocket in the back, as well as it comes in a variety of sizes and colors as well as Themes! I came across this travel one somewhere (and shows quite a few images of the inside of the book).  I know I saw a bunch when I was in Barnes & Nobles book store and even got these 2 palm sized ones, or those that would know cassette tape size and will fit anywhere!  (great to include in a travel writing kit, which you can find ideas in the pages on journaling in the menu)

I love Moleskine books (most call notebooks) but I call them journals (Notebooks are for school and work but if you are using it for both work and personal then to me its a journal.

my Mini Moles Moleskine journals the size of an audio cassette

my Mini Moles ~  Moleskine journals the size of an audio cassette

I’ve looked at Moleskin hacks as I had given myself (cause no one ever gets me something I need) a Moleskine pocket journal planner. Each day has its own page and I plan to note what is planned for the day as well as Blog posts I have scheduled, reminders and so on. I have used a regular journal for my movie reviews for the year and the occasional  entry about my day,and so on.

I have a couple of these that are small enough they are about the size (or a little smaller than)  the palm of my hand. Upon prepping to take the photo I looked for something to compare the size to, and for those of you that do not know what that is under my ‘mini moles’ it’s called a cassette tape!!

includes a pocket in the back and includes a serial number sticker

includes a pocket in the back and includes a serial number sticker

So what to use the pocket for? papers, coupons mementos depending on what your u8GB Metal Key USB 2.0 Flash Drive Blackse of the journal is.  If it’s going to be a daily than you can put movie, theater etc tickets in the pocket, wallet size photos (like from those old photo booths) and you can keep your work, school & personal (creative?) computer files at hand wherever you go with this
Key looking thumb drive (via amazon)

8GB Metal Key USB 2.0 Flash Drive Black


Just in case you’d want your own pocket size planner

Here’s some links via Amazon
Moleskine 2016 Daily Planner, 12M, Extra Small, Black, Hard Cover (2.5 x 4) and  I know ordering a 2016 one now would be a waste of money,

so here’s a search for 2017 Moleskine Planners

and the normal size

Moleskine 2016 Daily Planner, 12M, Large, Black, Soft Cover (5 x 8.25)

and you can find a variety of sizes, types & covers of Moleskine here & ‘mini sizes here

Here are a few Moleskine hacks

5 ways to kick your moleskine up a notch

Wallet self defense!!! Here’s a hack to use it as a wallet as well!

18 things to do with any Moleskine notebook

6 hacks for your Molskeine I’m definitely making the writing tool artillery. as for making tabs… I prefer to use washi tape (or make my own) or the duct tape with a design

CPO method of Moleskine Organization  one user’s system

100 Amazing ways to hack your Moleskeine notebook

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The Brain of a blogger


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How to start a journal- 3 steps

With the end of the year here, I thought showing you how to start a journal (or just using a daily agenda as one) would be a good idea. I have a few pages above on journals theme journals etc.

This way you can keep all your life’s moments, writing and so on in one book. Do you have to have just one, no but I will not get into that at the moment.
How to Start a Journal

is a quick summary on starting a journal. THere’s many types of journals, or to make like simpler you can just have one and carry it with you (or have a small notebook with you to jot down notes you may later want to write in the journal. I prefer one that’s I can carry but at the same time I don’t want to have to buy a bunch of book (one year I got up to 6-7 (maybe 8) pocket sized journals so I have been trying to just have a journal of at least 300 pages (if not more) that may last me the year.

I also have a couple of pages on  how-to-use-a-journal    journaling refrences  and theme-journals in the menu.

You can also check out my pintrest boards for ideas on pages to write, and so on

my Journaling and smashbook pintrest board  has a varitey of topics What is a Journal as well as what is a smashbook, how to start a journal,  make a journal a smashbook, or a smashbook a journal, 15 different journals to keep,  inspiration for ideas, journaling cards, printables, prompts, cover designs,.

You can also find more ideas on the following boards

Writing  has some prompts and other help

There’s a board on book binding (you can make your own journal)

art board for ideas to decorate a page

There’s also a planner printables board (there may be something you’ll like you can print for your journal. (especially if its in binder form)

give a follow  to the boards of interest (as a least once a week I add new items to boards as I find for the topics)

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6 books in one for the 16th century!

6 books in one for the 16th century!

I would love to find a book like this, though I could only imagine how much it would cost, let alone having the money to buy one!

I thought for those of you that like to bind your own books, that you might be interested in this. It’s an idea not only for writing but if you do crafts as well you can always make your own journal in this way.






here’s an idea when you want to keep adding just put the clip in the back of the pages




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