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Here’s another Horror inspired Poem I wrote… I don’t think it’s scary it’s exactly what the title says!©Kim Marie Ostrowsk

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The Game

©Kim Marie Ostrowski


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©Kim Marie Ostrowski


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The Spy Game-Men of Mystery

I wrote this and it started out to be a spy poem, then I noticed a certain pattern through the first 3 stanzas. So we have 2 themes in this…                                                                 Any idea what I can title it I first thought Marvel’s Mysteries but I have both Marvel & D.C. comic characters noted.

Maybe somehow we can include Marvel and D.C. with Mystery in it but I will need help from the comic geeks. If you can.



©Kim Marie Ostrowski


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Happy National Poetry Month

So I thought I’d share a poem with you  and plan to do so a few times a week! I would love to hear from you with yours as well!

If you would like your Poem to be featured please contact me in the comments, or the contact form below..

(email is required if you want a poem featured, This way I can contact you for the poem and  anything else you want the readers to know.

If you have a PDF of the poem or a full book of poems I will accept that too!

Poetry acrostic  


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