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Now that we are into June and there will be more road trips, vacations and even camping I thought a ‘Blogtography’ post would work well.

It’s always a good idea to include at least one photo in your blog post (besides your featured image) and by all means make

I know not everyone is really good at taking pictures, especially when it comes to their phones, I don’t have one of these smart phones but I know you can turn it around to take wide pictures (esp. if you are recording part of a concert! Videos are always best done horizontal which means wide)the two different.  I have a free account so I try not to congest my media library with too much, especially not large file sizes.  So I pick and choose what really needs images or not. To save some space if you can, and you do not have your own 
photograph, find a pre-existing image use it by adding media from URL and it will show. I do this say with some of my movie reviews (that is if I remember to include one) Trying to keep up with 4 niche blogs  (yes 4, Beauty, Writing, crafts & my Entertainment blog, I do have one other but do not often post to it) I have a digital camera and now my kindle I can take photos with depending on what it is, or shall I say how fast I want to get the post done from start to scheduled.

Another best when taking photos.. if you can get it during the day, especially  outside. That way you get the true colors and natural lighting. I’m not going to even start with messing with lighting and all the different modes available on my camera (like museum, fireworks, dawn/dusk etc) setting how light or dark.

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