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Blog Badges

Blog Badges

Want to add a badge to your blog?

Someone sent me this link as a ‘Grab my button’ code but sadly for some reason it doesn’t seem to be doing what it should on my WordPress Blog.

So I have asked a WordPress Facebook group if anyone can help figure out why. I’ve tried it on a specific page I need the code as well as the same blog but in the sidebar and it still won’t work right. The picture shows up but the square that I know of that is supposed to show with the code does not. (for me it shows the image twice) Which is what I was trying to figure out why but after tinkering about with the code I couldn’t get it to do what I wanted to I’ll just wait and see

so I finally get an answer Thank you to Denali on a wordpress facebook group for leading me to this site.  which leads to the following button generator

Be sure you have an image you made to use as your button/banner  you can find Miss Musings’ under the share the love section in the sidebar. They do work as I added the banners by the code into the about/contact page on this blog as well.



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