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Now that we are into June and there will be more road trips, vacations and even camping I thought a ‘Blogtography’ post would work well.

It’s always a good idea to include at least one photo in your blog post (besides your featured image) and by all means make

I know not everyone is really good at taking pictures, especially when it comes to their phones, I don’t have one of these smart phones but I know you can turn it around to take wide pictures (esp. if you are recording part of a concert! Videos are always best done horizontal which means wide)the two different.  I have a free account so I try not to congest my media library with too much, especially not large file sizes.  So I pick and choose what really needs images or not. To save some space if you can, and you do not have your own 
photograph, find a pre-existing image use it by adding media from URL and it will show. I do this say with some of my movie reviews (that is if I remember to include one) Trying to keep up with 4 niche blogs  (yes 4, Beauty, Writing, crafts & my Entertainment blog, I do have one other but do not often post to it) I have a digital camera and now my kindle I can take photos with depending on what it is, or shall I say how fast I want to get the post done from start to scheduled.

Another best when taking photos.. if you can get it during the day, especially  outside. That way you get the true colors and natural lighting. I’m not going to even start with messing with lighting and all the different modes available on my camera (like museum, fireworks, dawn/dusk etc) setting how light or dark.

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How to build a content calendar

I don’t really use a content calendar unless you want to count just making a note of what I am publishing on what day in my daily planner.

Also being as I have more than one blog, I think it might be a bit hard to do that. There’s 2 blogs I try to be sure I post something at least once a week (like this one on Writing Wednesdays, as well as something on my beauty blog. My Craft blog I post when I have finished a project, or when I find something I think my readers will be interested in (or I want to try at some point).



also don’t forget to checkout my Pintrest boards @KymoDragon  (the link is on my about page)

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Blogging help

Thought these would be helpful, they were in an email from bloglovin and thought they’d help us all!

For my blogs I have one of those arc notebooks from Staples that I hope to keep everything organized. So far for my Entertainment blog, I thought of a signature series at least to test out starting next year. These I call classic cuts, and can be one movie like the Goonies or an entire franchise like Nightmare on Elm Street.

I hope at some point I will think of signature series for my other blogs as well so far this one has been the journaling stuff but I also have the pages for that.I try to get my readers to provide feedback but even though  they are the readers, they do not provide what they want to see or any ideas they would like me to do for any of the blogs (Instead of just reviews for the entertainment one, with the occasional article, or even how often they would pref. posts.

So far in the notebook I list what WordPress ‘themes’ work best for each of the blogs. As well as note the schedule, like This writing one is always definitely at least once a week on (writing) Wednesdays  (or at least I try I may post another day if I missed Wednesday though and have something to post.)  There are certain days I post certain types of posts for instance, My Entertainment blog Tuesdays is for Tv show reviews, Thursdays is for Theater (be it Movie or stage) and unless someone wants to write reviews for me likely I won’t have stage reviews. Thursdays on my beauty blog is usually ‘salon’ day which usually has something to do with hair or nails. For my craft blog I tuesdays is posts on how to upcycle items, Wednsday is Wire (or jewelry day) and Thursday or Friday I post a weekend project. I do my best to keep track of everything but sometimes I get behind and a blog or 2 may get neglected and one reason i thought it would be a good idea to start using something to organize my blogs.

Multi screen Mo t Vision qrcode design
Milti Screen QR CodeI don’t really pay much attention to SEO and all that stuff, this is more a hobby for me and I do try to avoid anything that could get me frustrated (as I get anxiety attacks from that) and honestly I do try my best to grow my blogs in audience but I see it as if my writing and posts are interesting enough, they will be shared and so on and therefore speaks for itself. I do try though with making some business cards off the computer even those QR codes like this one
on the left. Though I would prefer one that has an image to show what the site is all about there’s a free variation on this one  They have some of their own images you can use Free I did one myself

I’ll likely make image ones now that I found a way to do them free, (though if I read right, you only get it up to 500 clicks)  and 3 image codes

I’d say maybe once a year make new QR codes if you are using a free service  (for picture ones) and if you don’t use image ones, always be sure to include the name of what the code is for. (I’ll have to add Entertainment blog underneath that left image on Paint shop pro….


How I Organize And Plan Blog Posts by Melyssa Griffin

Behind The Blog: Finding Balance by Sazan

How To Plan Your Blog Content by Wonderfelle

Free Blogging Apps You Gotta Have by Jade + Oak

A Stress-Free Social Media Strategy to Grow Your Brand by Devan Danielle  (Print or bookmark)  I’m printing it out in booklet for and adding it to the notebook

How To Balance Your Day Job And Your Passion Project by a pair + a spare

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Upgrade your blog & make it popular


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7 apps for easier blogging

Out of all of them, so far I just use WordPress and Pintrest and Evernote. I am working on a post about Evernote, is there anything particular you’d like to know?

I use a personal pocket planner for noting when I scheduled a post as well as for which blog. as for Pocket, well maybe it would be best I use that as I have tabs on my browser to look into as well as items bookmarked on my kindle to read through and mail to myself should I decide to write a post around the link (like I am with this one.

7 apps for easier blogging


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22 ways to create compelling content

One of the things I do is when I come across a post of someone else’s… I re-blog it. Sometimes I leave it at that other times I may put my own 2 cents22 Ways to Create Compelling Content Infographics to it

There have been magazine articles that have inspired me and when I use them.. I usually scan the page to include, so my reader knows the original side of the story, or as one of these was an advice column and I had my own advise for the columnist and the person who asked the question, I decided I would answer the same questions as I would.

Normally I’m full of ideas, and usually I’m working on them all at the same time (because my brain won’t shut up) So I try to mix say for my craft blog projects I find I want to do with those that I actually get to.

I’ve asked my readers from my blogs what they want to hear about but I never get an answer.

I’ve tried having a guest writer, here and there but they Also have to have a WordPress account…(which I don’t think they should have to.


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What makes a blog post readable

 I came across this on Pintrest… you can read more by clicking the image.

BLOGGING - 21 Proven Ways To Get Your Blog Posts Read... Click-thru for a lot of interesting advice...:

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