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Being as I know very basic HTML I thought I save this and include it in a post on here.

While I know most people know HTML these days and thensome I never learned it in school and  what little I know I taught myself. if not from a  cheatsheet (those laminated reference cards in book stores etc) I would ask how what the code or how to write the code as how I was doing so was not working.

So here’s some code help for anyone new to it or blogging (remember sometimes the blog sites won’t let you use a certain type of coding. Like WordPress you can’t add a paypal badge if you are selling your crafts.

Must-Have, Must-Read Articles

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Blogging help

Thought these would be helpful, they were in an email from bloglovin and thought they’d help us all!

For my blogs I have one of those arc notebooks from Staples that I hope to keep everything organized. So far for my Entertainment blog, I thought of a signature series at least to test out starting next year. These I call classic cuts, and can be one movie like the Goonies or an entire franchise like Nightmare on Elm Street.

I hope at some point I will think of signature series for my other blogs as well so far this one has been the journaling stuff but I also have the pages for that.I try to get my readers to provide feedback but even though  they are the readers, they do not provide what they want to see or any ideas they would like me to do for any of the blogs (Instead of just reviews for the entertainment one, with the occasional article, or even how often they would pref. posts.

So far in the notebook I list what WordPress ‘themes’ work best for each of the blogs. As well as note the schedule, like This writing one is always definitely at least once a week on (writing) Wednesdays  (or at least I try I may post another day if I missed Wednesday though and have something to post.)  There are certain days I post certain types of posts for instance, My Entertainment blog Tuesdays is for Tv show reviews, Thursdays is for Theater (be it Movie or stage) and unless someone wants to write reviews for me likely I won’t have stage reviews. Thursdays on my beauty blog is usually ‘salon’ day which usually has something to do with hair or nails. For my craft blog I tuesdays is posts on how to upcycle items, Wednsday is Wire (or jewelry day) and Thursday or Friday I post a weekend project. I do my best to keep track of everything but sometimes I get behind and a blog or 2 may get neglected and one reason i thought it would be a good idea to start using something to organize my blogs.

Multi screen Mo t Vision qrcode design
Milti Screen QR CodeI don’t really pay much attention to SEO and all that stuff, this is more a hobby for me and I do try to avoid anything that could get me frustrated (as I get anxiety attacks from that) and honestly I do try my best to grow my blogs in audience but I see it as if my writing and posts are interesting enough, they will be shared and so on and therefore speaks for itself. I do try though with making some business cards off the computer even those QR codes like this one
on the left. Though I would prefer one that has an image to show what the site is all about there’s a free variation on this one  They have some of their own images you can use Free I did one myself

I’ll likely make image ones now that I found a way to do them free, (though if I read right, you only get it up to 500 clicks)  and 3 image codes

I’d say maybe once a year make new QR codes if you are using a free service  (for picture ones) and if you don’t use image ones, always be sure to include the name of what the code is for. (I’ll have to add Entertainment blog underneath that left image on Paint shop pro….


How I Organize And Plan Blog Posts by Melyssa Griffin

Behind The Blog: Finding Balance by Sazan

How To Plan Your Blog Content by Wonderfelle

Free Blogging Apps You Gotta Have by Jade + Oak

A Stress-Free Social Media Strategy to Grow Your Brand by Devan Danielle  (Print or bookmark)  I’m printing it out in booklet for and adding it to the notebook

How To Balance Your Day Job And Your Passion Project by a pair + a spare

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Blog Badges

Blog Badges

Want to add a badge to your blog?

Someone sent me this link as a ‘Grab my button’ code but sadly for some reason it doesn’t seem to be doing what it should on my WordPress Blog.

So I have asked a WordPress Facebook group if anyone can help figure out why. I’ve tried it on a specific page I need the code as well as the same blog but in the sidebar and it still won’t work right. The picture shows up but the square that I know of that is supposed to show with the code does not. (for me it shows the image twice) Which is what I was trying to figure out why but after tinkering about with the code I couldn’t get it to do what I wanted to I’ll just wait and see

so I finally get an answer Thank you to Denali on a wordpress facebook group for leading me to this site.  which leads to the following button generator

Be sure you have an image you made to use as your button/banner  you can find Miss Musings’ under the share the love section in the sidebar. They do work as I added the banners by the code into the about/contact page on this blog as well.



Need an email link?

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7 Must haves When Starting a blog

7 Must-Haves When Starting Your Blog [Infographic]

7 Must haves when starting your blog


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Posting Posts

I thought of an idea so that I can hopefully work on entries (especially if I have to write reviews or anything like that)  for all my theme blogs as well as edit my pages in my blogs (as I am still working on the Squidoo transfer to hubpages & trying to get to the guidelines) as well as maintaining & making new ones)

my blogs, some of my own entries (instead of reblogging or just posting an image)

Music Mondays    (meaning each Monday I will post whatever news etc. I find for Audio Literacy  on this day)

Tuesday ‘tainment  (I will be sure to post something Entertainment wise on tuesday, to Multi-screen MO-T-Vision.  I was thinking maybe focusing on Tv for this day otherwise I normally blog if not everyday every few days.

Writing Wednsdays  via Miss Musings Writing Essentials (I think this explains itself )

Likely I may still post 1 or 2 other days a week here other than wednsdays but at least you know now that if you don’t see something any other day,  You know You will definately have a post to check out (thought I may also post on Sunday’s & Fridays?)  

Beauty  Thursday   being as you will likely be going out over the weekend I will post something on the beauty blog (for sure, this way if you don’t see something for a few days you KNOW I will post that day. I just ask, is there anything specific I should post for this day?  (maybe a fashion friday if I can but as far as thursdays go? Make-up, fitness, diet, skin care etc? Please let me know what you think below. 


Friday Crafts this way you have all weekend to master the project and make the item.

(honestly I am still working on that last knot I posted. Once I get it I can’t seem to get it to knot right.)


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Isn’t It Lovely: Understanding Blog Awards

Isn’t It Lovely: Understanding Blog Awards

Ah maybe after a year I’d hope to receive at least one, on one of my blogs. I am jsut not sure which I’d be most happy to receive it on.

The Daily Post

As you explore the blogging community, you’ve probably seen bloggers whose sidebars are filled with awards. Maybe you’ve even gotten one of these yourself:

award collage

There are dozens of awards circulating in the blogosphere. Where do they come from? How do you get one? What’s the point? Today, we demystify the world of blog awards with our award FAQ.

Who creates these awards?

There are vote-based programs like the Bloggies, but most of the awards that you get directly from other bloggers, like the “Sunshine Award” or “Versatile Blogger Award,” are created, maintained, and handed out by bloggers. That is, bloggers began them as a way to recognize other bloggers, and the community perpetuates them by continuing to hand them out.

Unlike the automated notifications and trophies you may sometimes receive when you see a spike in traffic or get a certain number of likes, these awards don’t come from —…

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