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Book lovers décor suggestions

Well it’s that time of year to start the spring cleaning. I hope you haven’t already as I have some organizer and decor ideas for you.

Though I hope if you have a love of books would not destroy them in such a way, especially those that are not old looking books they could be worth money! I can understand old school books for the hideaways or purse or maybe someone gave you a copy of a book you already have. I can understand if you want to do it with the extra but I would rather donate mine to a school, or someone that cannot afford books and has a hard time getting around (to a library)


I Iike the  color grouping and giant wall clock! I would use all the janet Evanovich books! That Scrabble letter holder idea, you could also do that with scraps of a type of moulding as that’s what those are. The storage bins ad omg the lamp of large thread bobbins but how the heck did they get them in the wall? and ceiling that I really like!  My favorite though has to be the stairs. I wish ours were like that or even ones that opened for storage.

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6 books in one for the 16th century!

6 books in one for the 16th century!

I would love to find a book like this, though I could only imagine how much it would cost, let alone having the money to buy one!

I thought for those of you that like to bind your own books, that you might be interested in this. It’s an idea not only for writing but if you do crafts as well you can always make your own journal in this way.






here’s an idea when you want to keep adding just put the clip in the back of the pages




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