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stinkin colon & semi-colon… I always forget which one of you to use!!!!!!!!

I notice a lot of people write run on sentences and that includes myself, some don’t include a comma where it should be, when there is a pause in the sentence. Sometimes it is used only in the wrong spot. The space that’s supposed to be between that and the word after it. The same with a Period.  After a period I learned in school you are supposed to double space then start your new sentence.

A semicolon is pretty much like a period, but with a comma.  Think of the book Dick & Jane for instance, Those short sentences can drive us adults mad now. If a couple of those were joined with a comma or semi-colon it might not be as annoying.  A semi-colon is usually used after a sentence that can be closed off with a period, but can also continue into another idea.

There are times I’m reading a book and the comma isn’t always where it should have been. Remember if you include punctuation in the wrong spot, that sentence could be taken in the wrong context.

They forgot the exclamation point, I point this out as while people ‘Yell’ online using all caps, they can simply use an exclamation point, or to really send it home both!




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The Writing Process x2

The Writing Process - black and white version for printing available too (on Flickr - download large version)

The writing process according to school mandates... I find it interesting how there is nothing in my searches that mentions using envision within the writing process. I simply see things such as this. Makes me wonder if many know about such an effective method in the writing process as that of envisioning.


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