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3 reasons to read a book now

Have you ever wondered WHY some people read? There are certain things that reading can help you with.

The first thing is Books are usually used for education but they are not just text books or story they are (or can be…even if fiction and fantasy) experience in a single subject or topics in a subject. Think of them like this.

They are the summary of many years of experience.

Reason 1

Its the SUMMER! It’s reading season!

If you are a student now’s the time to read something you want to. (unless of course you get some stupid reading list, then I am so sorry but the faster you get through what you HAVE to, the sooner you could read something you want) heck you can even challenge yourself… read a the ones you have to all at the same time a chapter from say 1-3 of those books a day. Me If I had a questionnaire I would do that as I skimmed through the book.  You can read what you want when you go to the beach or pool, maybe something that you could finish in a day.

If you are a parent now is the time to read something (especially when you don’t normally get to)

I don’t know if any of you are off to stay home with the kid, but even if you can only do it the week or 2 you are on vacation) but while at home even  if you have to read during commercials, while the kid is napping (if they still do that), in the bathroom, while at the pool or beach, before bed (it will help you fall asleep and sleep better) in the bath, or if you wake before anyone else just read in bed just be careful not to make too much noise if reading a print book or even on a device. Also if you are working and take public transportation why not read while on that train or bus or plane!


Reasons 2 and 3  and there are many! 

Creativity— *and my favorite reason  I’ve written a few poems inspired by a line, or paragraph in a story, or was inspired by the story itself.  Sometimes the description of something gives me the picture in my head or a poem to write.

Relax— While there are true crime stories,  I find there’s plenty enough of that in real life.. WHY do you want to read stories like that when you can just watch it on the news or basically any night in a Police drama on tv? I always saw Books and movies and TV series to relax  and get away from reality.

Life.–sometimes they can be therapy. I recently finished a book about a character that was obsessive Compulsive.. While I don’t have that I do have anxiety and depression and I was able to relate in parts as the character mentioned things I went through or still feel. So in a sense it was sort of like I had a friend that actually understood me.

Learn– while yes there are text and workbooks there are others that instead of those sort can help you learn and improve yourself. Say buy a language phrasebook and try to learn at least one to 5 words (or phrases)  from it a day. You broaden your vocabulary. There are times I come out with a word and my mother is like where did you learn that word, or I shock myself and end up looking up the word myself  as I don’t remember learning it which means I picked it up from something I read, and am not always clear if its right to use in that moment.

Brain– Yours. write down your thoughts in a journal what you do or need to each day what movies and  ‘TV’ shows you watched  music listened to and  books you read or write your reviews for them it’s nice to look back after a couple of months and even years  to see what was going on. It also works as a record. Don’t want to have one like that Then have a common place book… keep your recipes, favorite quotes and lines and just keep lists (with a grade ‘review’ of the books you read movies and shows you watched and so on. You can do this for restaurants and such. This is what you’d call a brain dump.

Health – frankly I find writing in a journal diary whatever healthy. it helps when you air things out especially more so when you feel like you don’t have someone you can talk to about your problem, or everyone just always seems busy.

This post was inspired by 3 Reasons to read a book now


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Becoming A Fountain Of Ideas

I thought this Becoming A Fountain Of Ideas. was fitting for a couple of my blogs so I am pressing it here, as well as to my beauty balm, and Craft one.

(after reblogging it to my main Zodiacimmortal)

via Becoming A Fountain Of Ideas.

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How to make ink

Splatters of stains

Do you or have you ever wanted to use a Quill pen, or ran out of refills for your fountain pen in the middle of writing?

Well here I will explain how to make your own in.

It’s pretty easy, and as long as you have berries in the house (or other items) you can make ink with it!

Like if you have a fire-place… you can use the soot or if you use charcoal to do art, there’s a way to make it from that as well.

I will try my best to explain it all but first I think we should start with the basics

What you will need

Keep in mind, most if not ALL of what is used for the coloring WILL STAIN

Also please be sure to READ THE WHOLE LENS BEFORE making the ink. There’s more information than just the instructions.

Basic instructions…

Put whole berries (if soft) in strainer (with harder more dense berries cut to 1/4 inch slivers)

holding the strainer OVER a bowl or mortar (or better yet hopefully the strainer will stand IN the bowl as you may need bowl hands to…)

CRUSH berries with the spoon or pestle until the ‘bleed’ no more & be sure only the juice goes into the bowl (you can put aside the fruit part to make a smoothie)

Store ink in jar (& I’ve heard to put it in the fridge but I’m not sure if that’s for certain ones or all)

see instructions for each type below

Supplies & Instructions continued

  • an ink well or small container that is spill proof. (if it gets knocked over or on the ground it will not come off & spill out)
  • What you will make your ink from.Berries 1 Cup Fresh or thawed are fine Cherry, Pomegranate would probably be pink,Black Berries work better than blueberries – blue/purpleBeets 1rawbeet for deepredfireplace soot or charcoal Grey.blackwalnut shells, Brown at least 10 shells (if they were whole)

    Potberries black look for the jet black ones though those on the ground would be ideal! (leaves, roots & berries are HIGHLY POISONUS do not make or leave around children & pets!!!)

    Potberry ink has been said to have been used to write the U.S. Declaration of Independence.

    (for every CUP of berries, use 1 teaspoon of the salt & teaspoon of vinegar)

  • 1 teaspoon salt (to prevent ink from spoiling)(Some use alcohol but that will eventual make the ink evaporate, & is probably what the ink companies use)
  • 1 teaspoon vinegar (will help the ink color last longer)
  • strainer or sieve
  • mortar & pestle (or a bowl & spoon)


Goose Quill Pen with Powdered Ink, Hand Carved Feather Pen
Goose Quill Pen with Powdered Ink, Hand Carved Feather Pen

Authentic goose feather


Individual ‘inks’ information / instruction

by type or color

picture l to r Salt, Vinegar (suppose to be white) bowl and strainer Mortar & pestle & I have the pom juice in there to represent the berries for ink)

Roman Ink

Make a dark gray ink close to what the romans may have used in their time.

For this you will need

*Gum Arabic (or Honey)

*charcoal sticks or soot from the fireplace

put the charcoal sticks in a plastic baggie and crush them completely with a small hammer or mallet, bowl (lean on it) or spoon even with a rolling-pin it should be right quick.

Place 5 teaspoons of the soot or crushed charcoal into a small metal or glass bowl

add 2 teaspoons of gum arabic (or Honey) and 4 teaspoons of vinegar stir until all its combined.


Blue Ink

if you want to make a dark blue ink

mix 2 tablespoons of LAUNDRY bluing powder to 5 tablespoons of water. This gives a deep rich blue ink.

(or to try, add only 1 tablespoon in to the berry mix)



Slice a raw beet in 1/4 inch slices

place int a sauce pan with a 1/2 cup water

and let it simmer for 15 minutes or until the slices are tender.

add a 1/2 teaspoon of vinegar & 1/2 teaspoon of salt.


Berry Ink

Aside from the previous berries mentioned, You can also use wildberries such as Pokeberries, mulberries, or Hawthorne berries.

(But do not eat them as I only know that Pokeberries are poisonous)

Be sure to use a metal or glass bowl only so it won’t be permanently stained.


purple Ink

In a small sauce pan bring to a boil a 1/4 cup grape juice

2 tablespoons of vinegar & 1 tablespoon of salt


Dark Brown Ink

simmer 5 to 6 black tea bags in a half (1/2) cup of water, until it has reduced to a quater cup.

add a teaspoon of powdered gum arabic & stir with a wood skewer or of the sort that’s disposeable.


Walnut Ink (see videos)

If you are using English or black walnut shells first beware of Squirrels & chipmunks!!!

Put the walnut shells in an empty bag, & Pretending you are Thor whack them with the hammer.

Repeat until; they are small little pebble pieces.

Now put them into a saucepan with 2 cups of water on medium heat bringing it to a boil for 45 minutes to an hour

. Let simmer until the water gets dark (around 15 minutes)

add your salt & vinegar & simmer another 5 minutes

Strain using an old t-shirt/rag or cheesecloth as a filter.

This ink WILL stain plastic, clothes, & fingers but will wash right out of metal or glass pots


Here’s one for EXTRA fun!!!


Mix equal parts baking soda and water mix it well

inject with syringe into your ink cartridge.

Once the paper dries hold it up to a warm light source for a surprise message!

(maybe adding a bit of laundry detergent. (see videos for why)

I’ve also heard lemon works but never did for me. Check out the videos for something

else that works as invisible ink

Standard well

Clear Cut Glass Inkwell Antique Reproduction
Clear Cut Glass Inkwell Antique Reproduction

Clear hinged inkwell with clasp to keep closed.

How to make Ink videos – a Variety of help

I’m also including a few more ideas, & if you are under 18 I will NOT be liable for anything you do to ruin anything in the house!

But The 2nd video would be really cool for a Halloween haunted house effect..Hint Hint (that I WILL NOT deny)



Elaborate Ink wells –

If you purchase one of these then color me jealous!

I’d like something intriguing, with more personality than the above affordable one, but less complex than one of the ones here. I WISH however I could get that writing desk.

Have you ever made home made Ink? What did you use (as for the ink resource)? Did it work?

Well I think we all should be able to afford this well

Solid Brass Captain Inkwell with Moving Swivel LidSolid Brass Captain Inkwell with Moving Swivel Lid

•Writing Pen Inkwell is a beautiful antique reproduction made from solid brass

•Featuring a moving swivel top, this ink well is representative of the writing pen inkwell used by a ship’s captain

•The swivel top was intended to keep the ink in the inkwell during travel across the rough ocean

•Inkwell measures 3 1/4″ wide at the base of the ink well, and 4″ tall from the base to the moving swivel top

•Solid Brass Antique Rep. Captain Inkwell Ships Brand New in Manufacturer’s Packaging

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