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How to write poetry

How to write poetry: Poet Wendy Cope explains what makes a really superb poem

For me it just starts with inspiration which is an idea, I scribble it down (sometimes I can’t make out a word later on but I keep at figuring it out)

Sometimes I get stuck with only a line and I toil over years with finishing it or just include it for a later idea (I have a page of ideas of phrases etc. word play and so on)

Read! There have been times where a paragraph or description in a book has inspired me! Pay attention to Pop culture (I have a poem pertaining to this a bit and it’s one of my humorous ones at least supposed to be)

I  play sort of a game, in which for example I use the songs on an album   (or a bands catalog …all their song titles) as prompts and try to fit them all into a poem (or some sort of creative writing) I used to do with with my vocabulary words in school sometimes.


Want some words for prompts?

I’ll start you with 5






and a BONUS


one of my favorite words…

BOISTEROUS– this is my favorite vocab word from school ever! I still remember the day we were reading our sentences for example and I knew I had an great one. I raised my hand to read it and the teach thought it was used perfectly. (If only I could remember the way I worded the sentence! I do believe it is in one of my poems So you can check that page in the menu.) It was something like the Boisterous roars of thunder.


Want some random words to use?

random Vocabulary words generator







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Where do Ideas come from?

My ideas come from a variety of things. Sometimes they just pop into my head; other times I may be reading an article and want to put in my two cents, this is where I usually scan the article and include responses (this has been done in my Entertainment blog Multi screen Mo_T_Vision (can be found in sidebar or about page) same with rants. I may be annoyed with something (say the new Ghostbusters movie) they are saying its mostly guys but any fan of the original movie should have a problem with this new one. Ok you have all women and aside from Melissa McCarthy who the hell are they? The trailers are not funny then they had to go get Chris Hemsworth just so they could actually get the women to go see it. (won’t work with me no matter how much I love my Aussie Thor…) I’ll be waiting for video or cable! It won’t have the magic of the originals. I’ve gotten ideas for writing a poem from books I’ve read and with all the Zombie stuff and survival kicks I went looking for a book that would be like a diary (at least)  of the zombie apocalypse  haven’t found one yet so I came up with the idea for a diary/historal  account  recorded of it  maybe sort of with a how to guide all in one… book.

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22 ways to create compelling content

One of the things I do is when I come across a post of someone else’s… I re-blog it. Sometimes I leave it at that other times I may put my own 2 cents22 Ways to Create Compelling Content Infographics to it

There have been magazine articles that have inspired me and when I use them.. I usually scan the page to include, so my reader knows the original side of the story, or as one of these was an advice column and I had my own advise for the columnist and the person who asked the question, I decided I would answer the same questions as I would.

Normally I’m full of ideas, and usually I’m working on them all at the same time (because my brain won’t shut up) So I try to mix say for my craft blog projects I find I want to do with those that I actually get to.

I’ve asked my readers from my blogs what they want to hear about but I never get an answer.

I’ve tried having a guest writer, here and there but they Also have to have a WordPress account…(which I don’t think they should have to.


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Becoming A Fountain Of Ideas

I thought this Becoming A Fountain Of Ideas. was fitting for a couple of my blogs so I am pressing it here, as well as to my beauty balm, and Craft one.

(after reblogging it to my main Zodiacimmortal)

via Becoming A Fountain Of Ideas.

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