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30 Cover Letter Rules You Didn’t Even Know You Were Breaking

I know for some of you, you may be thinking of finding a new job this year or have to get a new one due to layoffs. Now I wish I came across this when I was laid off, as unemployment give you some packet but doesn’t explain this sort of stuff. (I’d have to see if I can find it but I should scan it & post for you.

Those of us who had had a job from 1999  (when some people would walk to businesses to fill out applications and so the manager or owner would see you when they handed it to you)   I’d rather a person remember me for me not a piece of paper.

So here’s some help with cover letters (honestly there should be a free class in each neighborhood for this stuff.)

anyway I hope you can use this as I came across it I thought of you my subscribers.  and OUCH no longer mention you can provide references, so don’t include them on resumes or your cover letter. Here’s some tips

30 Cover Letter Rules You Didn’t Even Know You Were Breaking

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