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stinkin colon & semi-colon… I always forget which one of you to use!!!!!!!!

I notice a lot of people write run on sentences and that includes myself, some don’t include a comma where it should be, when there is a pause in the sentence. Sometimes it is used only in the wrong spot. The space that’s supposed to be between that and the word after it. The same with a Period.  After a period I learned in school you are supposed to double space then start your new sentence.

A semicolon is pretty much like a period, but with a comma.  Think of the book Dick & Jane for instance, Those short sentences can drive us adults mad now. If a couple of those were joined with a comma or semi-colon it might not be as annoying.  A semi-colon is usually used after a sentence that can be closed off with a period, but can also continue into another idea.

There are times I’m reading a book and the comma isn’t always where it should have been. Remember if you include punctuation in the wrong spot, that sentence could be taken in the wrong context.

They forgot the exclamation point, I point this out as while people ‘Yell’ online using all caps, they can simply use an exclamation point, or to really send it home both!




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writing Checklist

Writing Checklist by The Writing Doctor, via Flickr


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The Writing Process x2

The Writing Process - black and white version for printing available too (on Flickr - download large version)

The writing process according to school mandates... I find it interesting how there is nothing in my searches that mentions using envision within the writing process. I simply see things such as this. Makes me wonder if many know about such an effective method in the writing process as that of envisioning.


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The ULTIMATE! Book Report

The ULTIMATE! Book Report

(an-all- in one helper)


Book Title_______________________________   Author________________________

Publisher _________________________ Illustrator/Photographer _________________

       Copyright date_________________                          Number of Pages __________

       Length of Time read        Start date _______         Finished________

Type of Literature (Genre):

  • Non-Fiction

[]Biography (autobio)  [] Sports    [] History    []How-to    []Informational/essay [] True story


  • Fiction  

[]Realistic Fiction [] Poetry  []Historical    []Fantasy []Sci-Fi  []Horror   [] Mystery/crime

[] Folk Tales/Mythology   []Romance   []Thriller []Action/Adventure   []Western     {}Other______


General           Overview of the Topic

In any report you should introduce the report and your book, describe the setting and time as well as the characterizations of the Antagonist and protagonist. Summarize the plot, and what conflicts internal or external in the plot, indicate the theme (what lesson was learned by the characters) of the story and the conclusion including whether or not you would recommend the book.


Does the Book have []Photos []illustrations  []Both    []charts


WHO- Main Characters   (& favorite)





When (story Dates) ______________________     ___________________________

Era– Bronze Age, Ming Dynasty, Renaissance World War 2 etc) _______________________________________

did the story take place___________________________________



Tone & Style  

Point of view First person or omniscient         


Did the beginning grab you? (as in chapters 1-5)


Favorite Part of book _____________________________________________________



Book Evaluation (Like-loved)   1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9   10  


Would you recommend to a friend?   Yes       No             Please explain Why or Why not? ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


NEW vocabulary 3-5 words from book &define (esp. use those you had to look up)



Non-Fiction Topic _________________________________________

Summary of the Book – (Beginning middle & end)

5 Facts about the topic you found interesting


5-10 important or interesting pieces of information in SEQUENTIAL (or logical) order


Why (Person Place or thing) is of interest to you


Write down Page number & describe two illustrations/photos from the book

  1. Pages {   } Description___________________
  2. Pages {   } Description___________________


Show 3-5 Non-fictional text features in the book and explain how they helped to enhance your understanding.


You can make up slides consisting of Pictures and captions, graphs and diagrams.



What were the main plot points       

Main Conflict & Resolution

Story symbolism/message (lesson or central idea)


blurb explains story without giving much away (found on back of the book or in book jacket)



Character Names Description & personality traits 
Main Character
Minor Character
Suspect #1
Suspect #2


Main Problem (mystery in the story)

Secondary problem (if any)

Important Events: #1.   Location & Approximate time of crime

What was the mystery at the heart of the story?


CLUES & Evidence  Discovered by  Suspects 




What were some of the clues to help solve the mystery &

How was the mystery solved?

Were you surprised at the solution / who did it?

Red Herrings? (distractions for person trying to solve mystery)


Teachers (if this is for children in grade school you can use file folders have them include their name on the tab of the folder, on the outside cover a Case file #     Title & Author of book Decorations & illustrations. Outside back cover your ‘detective agency & a logo. Inside the left of folder should be the report, stapled or glued to the inside left cover. On the inside right folder staple or glue an ‘evidence bag’ with an artifact inside, (even if it is only drawn on a piece of paper)



Informational Book

Why did you select this book

What type of information is this book about?

What was the purpose of the Author writing this book.

Give 3-5 examples from the book to show you knowledge of the content


Choose 5 of the most exciting Interesting or exiting chapters or events in this book.

Describe event #1 (in detail)

I found this chapter or event interesting because


Did you find the book interesting?



Write some interesting facts you learned



Include image of person

Auto/Biography Subject (name)-


  • Early Life  

Date & Place of Birth

Family Mother _______________ Father _________________&

Siblings ##___ & Names

Life events Early Life


  • Public Life Adult life

Important Events (note at least 2)



Death date/Place & cause

How people felt about person at time of death.


Personal information & Interesting Facts & Trivia



Date Page Number Important information Questions I have


  • In my Opinion

Why were they important

how is it the world different because the person lived?

The most interesting things about this person

3 adjectives that describe this person



General (all reports)

Didn’t like       Like        Really Like


List 5 (or more) new or interesting words from the book & their definitions


*Important Reference, sources & pages  (or Bibliography)





Timeline  (best for Biographies, History & mystery/crime)


There’s a few different types of time lines.

1. tree

2. time table


4 Context

5 ‘Game board’  or path

(I do plan to do a Timeline post)


©Kim Marie Ostrowski 2013 (ZodiacImmortal)

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