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Inkjoy Pens by Papermate

Inkjoy Pens by Papermate

I know nowadays some people just write directly to a computer file. I don’t, no matter what I am writing one of the stories i’m starting or still working on same for poems, letters etc I always use a pen. For me I prefer to use the thick (fat) barrel pens so that my fingers don’t hurt and cramp. This is one I’ve been using well over 10 years!

I was in the market for a new set of color pens, as the last ones I had for one…didn’t write smoothly (I had to press on them and that tends to tire the hand out faster) and  2. the orange was more that brownish orange (rust) color.

So I remembered the Inkjoy commercial,

When I first saw this commercial, I wish I still had the old Spirograph set I had as a kid

I had previously grabbed one of the purple ones that came with the ‘pen’ stylus for phones, tablets etc on it. I liked the way it felt and wrote so I ordered a pack of the retractable Color  pens for writing in my journal, and letters. They’re not fat like my Tandem pen, but they aren’t so thin like the papermate stick ones that my fingers start to hurt. Even though these are an average size pen, they are still comfortable to use. As for what the commercials say, I LOVE these pens! They are my new favorite kind! They write so smooth you would think it was water or air! I even found a mini set of them in a discount store! These are great for anyone for summer roadtrips, days at the beach and vacations. No matter what you do draw, journal, doodle or scrapbook and anything else I may be missing.

and just so you don’t have to deal with my my review, here’s a video one from youtube.

For those of you that want them for the office I looked up a few options for your convenience

36 count Office pack Black *  12 pk Blue*





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Fly Scribe the writer’s assistant!

Fly Scribe the writer’s assistant!

note taking made simpeI first heard, well actually saw this  in Best Buy; I think when they first came out, and was looking at them, almost drooling.

While you can write on paper, in journals etc with the pen you are also digitally recording a file as well so you have a back up.


I came across a spiral notebook (sadly I still need the pen) and it somewhat looks like something that could be from the future. There’s a calculator, keyboard, Mp3 controls, Writing, Math & Algebra shortcut cards as well, then in the back cover… there’s a music studio!

Check out my page that was on squidoo and you’ll find out more. It’s a help for those that  write on paper then type up later (like me, for some reason I just cannot deal with writing my story at the computer.


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