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Creative inspiration

So with it being back to school time I thought I’d try to spark some creativity if not for now, then to give you some ideas for those reports, class and homework.
One of the blogs I follow asked the question How do we find our creative inspiration when you are stuck
it sort of depends on what I want to do as I have a variety of creative outlets (too many and YES there can be too many.. Mama’s make sure your kids only have 1-2 hobby/interests!)
I write poems but the last few I wrote are not finished, so I re-read through them to see if I my muse will help me out and get it finished. Also I have a list of ideas be it possible titles for poems, a line etc. So I check through those as well to see if any would work or if it will flip that  ‘write new poem’ switch wherever it is on me.
Also I make jewelry the craft kind you buy the bits for at Joann’s Michael’s and Hobby Lobby but sometimes some things come out where I have to look again and can’t believe I made it!  I can’t draw well so I try to trace/draw out what I made in a journal and I look at that. Also when I get an idea for something I try to put a few of the beads etc I have in the color I’ll be doing it, in one of those mini ziplock bags   Like a set of earrings or  as I recently have been trying to do some book thongs. (I am trying to find the right red colored beads to make vampire themed ones; however, likely won’t be all the same design. I make ‘custom /one of a kinds’ for less.
Then I also have been working on a patchwork (not a quilt or anything in particular but started out as a body pillow cover and I decided I wanted to make a ‘never ending’ one. Summer seems to be my sewing season so I’ve been trying to work on that as well as recently been making some change purses for friends and family as their or part of their holiday gifts.. also earrings, yes fabric earrings.  So everytime I go to walmart I always check to see if there are any interesting ‘fat quarters’ as they are called, I just call them ‘swatches’  as I can usually get a piece out of it for my patchwork as well as one or 2 other projects (if not more) out of it.
I have a large bin of fabric and I think i have 2 underbed boxes with more fabric (eeek!) or old t-shirts to cut out for my patchwork so I really would like to get a lot of stuff (at least project set-ups if not sew right away. Might have to make note of that in my bujo I started setting up for next year.
That’s another thing.. Journal I write any ideas in a journal or in a note on my evernote account… Check it out here
as you can see I try to keep a ‘file’ of friends’ and family as to what size or if have pierced ears etc. as well as a listing of  some ideas for lines/series.
For writers I will tell you an idea or 2… READ!!! I’ve been inspired by a few books (like a line or a paragraph may have inspired a poem out of me)
Check out other journals, sewing, and other creative ideas fixes on Pinterest! You can follow @kymoDragon and check out my boards for stuff there! That’s where I get a lot of my Bullet Journaling ideas as I’m just starting on that.
also you can follow my Blogs
Crafter Crums  which I not only include posts of my own projects when they are finished, but also curate ideas I hope to do or just liked and thought you might enjoy as well.
My personal posts are usually either a photo or video of the project and sometimes a step by step (and if I think of it, a way to improve on how I made the original item.)
but also curate others
and my writing  blog  Miss Musings Writing Essentials which has Help in the menu on a variety of things (you can also hoover to see if there are more pages for that section) as well as search the blog posts
 How do YOU spark creativity?  Please tell us your ideas… Oh one other one I do for writing
I list a bunch of song titles or book titles or words something of that sort (or have someone tell me some) and I write a story or poem from it. Its more like a writing exercise but it does help.



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The Block for Writer’s Block

The Block for Writer’s Block

Writer's Block

It happens to us all, at some time or another. Me I’ve been going through it for awhile with one of the stories or 2 I had been writing.  You are interrupted and lose an idea. You haven’t been able to get to writing your ideas down as the story so you lose the story maybe you have the idea and notes for one but you just can’t think of an actual Plot line or characters.  Hopefully some of this will help us all out.

So helpfulNeed some help?How to Get Writer’s Block!

We've all had it! Some tips to help with writer's block...

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Content tips for beginners

Here are four of the best infographics which visualize tips on overcoming writer's block.

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7 tips to beat writer’s block

7 Top Tips For Beating Writer's Block


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Just wanted to wish you……

Just wanted to wish you……

Writing a story? Why not figure the date into it in some way?

If you can see the items in the featured image, as well as the following try using some in the current book you are working on  or write a short story today to celebrate today!

friday-13-tattoo-designs-i17 friday 13cortnewfriday-13th-tattoo-designs-769friday-13th-tattoos-london-i19

(if you are not able to see them I’ve included a bigger picture below

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Also I came across this




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Writing openings


YA Fan Page Freebie for you. Opening and Closing ideas for writing.eah so it looks like its for little kids; that doesn’t mean you can’t use the same ideas to jog whatever it is you are trying to find an opening for!

I know there have been times I would have loved a few different suggestions when I actually had to write book reports and stuff that was at least forced to write, and sometimes i even need it for what I want to  start.

having the idea of what you want to write (that bit of story) doesn’t always help. That’s an idea unless it can actually be used as the first paragraph or page of the story you are writing. There are certain instances where you can use a few of these at once to open for instance: open Dialogue between characters with a joke (like a bar or party setting), Open with a sound & Bold statement.fact great for a mystery story. A memoir/autobiography Opening with a Personal experience and how you felt in that moment.

Here’s an exercise: Use 2 or more of these for the start of a story (it doesn’t have to be what you are working on  it’s just to help you get those writing juices flowing. )  It could be (if you can) In one sentence or a paragraph. I’d love to see what you come up with and I will post the ones I like best here.



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