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Writers Write Art Print To Motivate Your Writing For Procrastinating Novelists Writers Authors Nanowrimo Participants

Frame it & putt it over your desk

This would be great above the writing center.

Making PDFs


Kim How does one make a PDF? I only know how to do so by scanning the document on my scanner and it turns it into a PDF if I have it set to do so
Jacob  There is an easy way and a less easy way. Easy way: Most word processing programs let you save a file as a PDF. Harder way: You can search “convert to There is an easy way and a less easy way. Easy way: Most word processing programs let you save a file as a PDF. Harder way: You can search “convert to PDF” on google or a similar search engine and use one of the free converters available online. Good luck! …more
Kim does word have the option to convert it (pref. w/o having to pay a yearly pass
Jacob  it should. when you save the file, scroll through the list of formats you can save it in….or click “help” and it should guide you.



Writing Reviews


Suggestion- writing Reviews ratings and bases

(there’s items here that can be used for Movies, TV, Books  even book reviews

Ratings: Originality: 5/5 Length: 5/5 Plot: 4/5 Characters: 5/5 Cast/acting Set-up/ Execution

Cliché factor entertainment Value   Package Creativity Depth/Range/Emotion, Surprise, Authenticity Script/screenplay Editing Score, CGI Action   Choreography Quality (rise or decline)





(studio for movie or tv)


Plot outline (try to limit to 3-5 lines)

include the characters/ stars  & co-stars if you feel the need

Write about what you DID like about the movie/show/book/product

Then what you didn’t

What was your favorite part

a Favorite Quote?

If it’s a Book to film or a remake of tv to film or film to tv etc. Please be sure to note if you have read or watched the other.

Note the differences and if you like them or not

What do you like about the new version

What you don’t?

worth Recommend : (seeing in theater,  buy it, rent it, or wait for tv)

How best to:see Movie (or Tv) it : Theater, Blu-ray or doesn’t really matter

‘Read It‘   Read- Audio, Print Book, (paperback or Hardcover) , E-reader

Overall grade  Letter / number/ Stars etc form

You can even checkout the ‘Book Nook‘  for other reviewing references! Like a great template for writing book reviews, a book recommendation card  & my “Ultimate” Book Report

—-I will likely add to this as I think of anything else —–

again remember please do not use the same outline to review anything, it sounds generic when you do and you want it to be heartfelt, that way others will know if they want to go ahead and see, read or buy what you have reviewed.

   Movie Review planner

Name of Film                                                                                      Length of time (hours and minutes)

Release date

Genre (Horror, Comedy et all)

Director                                                                                                  Producer

Cast listing  (actor /actress                                    Character played)

setting of the movie (England, a bar in NY etc)

Favorite and or least favorite line

Favorite scene and why


Acting comments (was it believable, amateur, Syfy movie bad acting)

Best actor/actress and why (if applicable)

Worst actor / actress and why (if Applicable)


There’s  a Book review template on  just scroll down and you’ll find  it

find many other writing ideas & DIYs on my pinterest.kymodragon/  how to bind your own book and much more! (writing, Crafts & o much more)


 Blogging   nablopomo

bloggers-inspiring-bloggers/  * what-do-exercise-veggies-and-writing-have-in-common/

 Twitter fiction


Poetry *



Writing Help

The Writer’s Rule Book or Writing Maxims

The Writing Process - black and white version for printing available too (on Flickr - download large version)The writing process according to school mandates... I find it interesting how there is nothing in my searches that mentions using envision within the writing process. I simply see things such as this. Makes me wonder if many know about such an effective method in the writing process as that of envisioning.

A Fan Page Freebie for you. Opening and Closing ideas for writing.Writing Tips

Plot & Structure Infographic by Michael Hague #writing #amwriting




For your reference as well as mine… here are my writing (blog) pages



CSS tut

We’re fans of infographics and share a lot of them on Ebook Friendly. This time, the image shown below is not really the infographic, but in a visually attractive way it lists most important tips to improve English grammar. They’ll help not only when you write a college essay …

10 Writing Mistakes


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