Journaling references

I saw this online and thought it was darling! I did make one so far, though the holes got messed up.

Sorry that this page does not have much organization at the moment, I’m trying to get my How to  journal pages in some sort of order first  and get a few different pages worked out depending on your journaling needs

I have included curated images from pinterest and other places. These are ways I liked they did a journal page, or the way they set theirs up. I also have links for a variety of things and much more even making your own!

I  will have other pages on Journaling soon. Just hoover over the tab for Journaling in the menu and they’ll drop down when available   also

Find more on my pinterest.kymodragon/  in the Writing boards as well Crafts might have some writing related things & Planner Printables as well. (but not limited to those)

Make a stitched Pocket (frankly I just use glue, or do so by hand!)

Click for Useful Books Handmade Journals and Blank Books: The Amazing Versatile Expandable Travel Journal

 My  digital art studio FREE midori printables  * Moleskine Hacks

Prompt inspiration


Pie- be it the graph, Pizza, or the symbol.

Your Pet(s) or animal you wish 2 be

Use tape (all colors types and sizes)

Newspaper &Magazine clipping collage

Mandala draw one or color in & paste in journal


What to put on the 1st Page ?


journaling ideas There are some good ideas here. I like the journaling pockets. Mine could use more of those! I already use bullets. Worth a look :)Journal Prompts #9

Journal Bliss: Creative Prompts to Unleash Your Inner Eccentric

DIY Craft time!

Here’s a cool idea either find an existing book cover and include a pouch for pens or make your own! Well I’ll have to wait for mid 2015 at least to make one of these as I already decorated the cover of my new journal for 2015

Some Journaling cards to help

Page Design ideas

Bullet Journal pages for your FilofaxMonthly Goal Planner Goal Tracker Weekly Goal by EasyPeasyPaper // Spend 30 minutes at the end of each month planning out the next one. Use this is your blueprint to guide your through the month ahead + Remember to check in with your planner as often as you can.

Monthly Inspiration

Anchor Charts

DAILY ORGANIZER Planner for Traveler's Notebooks ~ Choice of 19 Colors on Etsy, $8.00

Writing & Doodles

Doodle!prayer journal DIY - keep track of God sightings each day.

100 things that I Love. Great idea for students to put in their Writer's Notebook and use to help them find ideas for writing.

Psychology of Color in Brandingdoodling tutorial by Mistakes13.devian...

Questionaire journals

I started to write a couple of stories in october (2011) I prefer to write in a composition book, or a binder with loose leaf paper

Then after I finish a page or 2 front & back, and after a day or 2 I type it while I do the edits & revisals.

If you really don’t have an actual idea for writing even a short story, then use one of these books.

I’ve listed a variety of journals and other items to try to help you at least find an idea or start your own.

Some of the books that aren’t actual reading, maybe you can write a book about doing whatever it is in the book each day, or take an idea from one of the pages & start that way. Inspiration comes when you least espect it (I really hate that, as I do not always have a pen & paper around to jot down the ideas for poems or my stories. One in which I got the idea from something someone said in a book or tv show.

Check out my Epic ballad of Poetry lens for more possible ideas!

I have the ALL About me book, but Its soewhere in storage as well as another like it (can’t remember title)

10 Ideas for a Questionaire journal – or just a page in your regular journal

  1. What Do (or did) you want to be whe you grow up
  2. What year do you think we will have cars like the Jetsons?
  3. How about ‘computers’ without the computer? (out of thin air you just flick your fingers to do whatever it is)
  4. What are your flaws? (How can you change them to hel yourself?)
  5. What are your strengths or talents
  6. List 5 things in your purse (if you are a guy then in your wallet)
  7. Top 10 all time favorite Movies & one for tv shows
  8. What Tv series that you’ve watched (no longer on air but yes can be in syndicate) do you miss most?
  9. If there was a chance that students could ‘make’ their own subject to take in school what would yours be?(examples.. Potions, Egyptology, Lenscrafting, etc)
  10. What would you do if……. (write what that if is & what yu would do in that situation)

what-i-write-and-keep-in-my-filofax/ journaling stickers october -planner fun -weekly fun note -nice planner


a wish list wish list

-black-road-safety.html  cute not just writing but in drawings as well clothespin doll


a sampling of videos  for ideas & inspirations


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