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As one who has been snail mailing since 1994… I curated the net (pintrest?) for envelope art ways to address a card or letter

november is national novel writing month

How to make ink

The Next 2 I created to help any writers block!

The first I came up with as some blogs I’ve read, did not really write anything worth writing or reading about the subject. Just maybe they liked or didn’t like the Movie, TV or products. Not why or what they would improve and so on.

The Book report is in a sense an outline to help you along as I know it’s hard to figure out what to write about (or too many angles to go)  or how. There are genre specific sections as well to help you write your report.  Check it out soon as I may make it an Evernote template to offer on Etsy.

Writing a review    *  The Ultimate book report  *



My Original Poems



nightling thunder


Through the eyes of the gods

Cats-in Honor of International cats day


dream friend


Frights of Halloween

(Name the poem)

The Game


Jeepers Creepers

Life is a Hill

The Spy Game/ Mystery Men

Acrostic POEM~  happy-national-poetry-month


Through the Eyes of the Gods, featured on another bLog  despite what it says.. it’s NOT meant to be Whimsical




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