How to start a journal- 3 steps

28 Dec

With the end of the year here, I thought showing you how to start a journal (or just using a daily agenda as one) would be a good idea. I have a few pages above on journals theme journals etc.

This way you can keep all your life’s moments, writing and so on in one book. Do you have to have just one, no but I will not get into that at the moment.
How to Start a Journal

is a quick summary on starting a journal. THere’s many types of journals, or to make like simpler you can just have one and carry it with you (or have a small notebook with you to jot down notes you may later want to write in the journal. I prefer one that’s I can carry but at the same time I don’t want to have to buy a bunch of book (one year I got up to 6-7 (maybe 8) pocket sized journals so I have been trying to just have a journal of at least 300 pages (if not more) that may last me the year.

I also have a couple of pages on  how-to-use-a-journal    journaling refrences  and theme-journals in the menu.

You can also check out my pintrest boards for ideas on pages to write, and so on

my Journaling and smashbook pintrest board  has a varitey of topics What is a Journal as well as what is a smashbook, how to start a journal,  make a journal a smashbook, or a smashbook a journal, 15 different journals to keep,  inspiration for ideas, journaling cards, printables, prompts, cover designs,.

You can also find more ideas on the following boards

Writing  has some prompts and other help

There’s a board on book binding (you can make your own journal)

art board for ideas to decorate a page

There’s also a planner printables board (there may be something you’ll like you can print for your journal. (especially if its in binder form)

give a follow  to the boards of interest (as a least once a week I add new items to boards as I find for the topics)

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